Earth Day: Improving Air, Water Is ‘Urgent Necessity’

Earth Day, the world’s largest secular holiday and the only event celebrated by more than a half-billion people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities, is sponsored by many national and international organizations.

In his official proclamation, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand cited the following reasons for declaring Saturday, April 22, Earth Day in Fresno:

“Earth Day, begun as an annual event on April 22, 1970, focused public attention on pollution and environmental concerns and made the hitherto esoteric term ‘ecology’ a household word. Many national organizations are celebrating it with outreach programs showcasing the positive contributions that environmental science makes to improve the health of our planet and it’s citizens; Earth Day community-sponsored events promoting environmental awareness and education are held to communicate with a wide audience in the San Joaquin Valley; and improving the Valley’s air and water quality is an urgent necessity.”

Donald Trump’s inconsistent, idiotic actions days in office and extensive contacts with Wall Street and the military leave us with little hope for the environment.

However, if Earth Day raises our consciousness of our obligations to the planet, results in a balanced view of our responsibilities to the fragile ecosystem, and makes us aware of the crucial importance of governmental policies on the environment, it should have a positive effect.


Earth Day: Improving Air, Water Is ‘Urgent Necessity’, by George Kauffman, The Fresno Bee, April 19, 2017.

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