CPX Educational Material

Please feel free to use these educational materials to promote Community Choice Energy in your area.

Community Choice Energy Benefits for Businesses 2019

Central Valley Community Choice Energy 2017

Community Choice Info Sheet 2016

Community Choice Info Sheet 2016

CCA Info Sheet

CCA Info Sheet 2018

CCA Info Sheet

CCA Info Sheet 2016

CPX postcard-print

CPX Postcard 2016

Acceptable use and placement of the CPX logo:

Clean Power Exchange’s logo comes in three versions: Vertical, Stacked, and Horizontal. Each version comes in different color variations, including black and white. Our logo consists of the words “CPX” and “Clean Power Exchange.” Please use our logo in full when mentioning our website or our promotional materials.

When using our logo with other graphic elements, please allocate enough breathing room for easy visibility. To determine how much room you should leave in the area surrounding the logo, we recommend that you use half the width of the “X” in “CPX” as your measuring tool.

CPX Horizontal

CPX Stacked

CPX Stacked