Encinitas Names Former Sierra Madre Mayor as New Councilman

Joe Mosca, manager for San Diego Gas & Electric Co. has been appointed to the Encinitas City Council. Encinitas is currently exploring Community Choice Energy and Mr. Mosca was asked how he would handle any conflicts of interest.

“Councilman Tony Kranz, who later in the evening said he would like one more week to review the materials presented by the 16 applicants before selecting a person for the post, asked whether Mosca felt he would have a conflict with his employer if he was appointed to the council post. Encinitas currently is exploring whether to set up a community choice energy program, an alternative to using SDG&E.

‘If selected, I would always be representing our community, not my employer,’ Mosca responded, adding that he would recuse himself from voting on energy issues if advised to do so by the city attorney.”

Encinitas Names Former Sierra Madre Mayor as New Councilman, by Barbara Henry, The San Diego Union-Tribune, January 12, 2017.

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  1. Paige DeCino
    Paige DeCino says:

    Boy, does the article title mislead the importance of this appointment. Who cares if a former mayor now councilman is involved with a city considering CCE? An IOU employee is another matter completely.


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