Environmentalists balk as Glendale power plant officials unveil ‘portfolio of tomorrow’

A proposal to rebuild Glendale’s aging power plant includes significantly less natural gas than a now-scrapped plan from last year — but still doesn’t sit well with environmental advocates who think any amount is too much.

Under the plan recommended by the Glendale Water & Power Commission this week, several soon-to-be retired gas turbines at the Grayson Power Plant would be replaced by a combination of battery storage, wind and solar power, and programs to reduce energy consumption by homes and businesses, as well as five internal-combustion engines that run on natural gas.

Gary Dorris, president of the consulting company that developed the proposal, said it balances several goals, including environmental sustainability, low energy costs and keeping the lights on.

“I think this portfolio represents a perfect vision of a clean-energy supply portfolio of tomorrow,” Dorris said during the commission meeting on Wednesday.


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Environmentalists balk as Glendale power plant officials unveil ‘portfolio of tomorrow’, by Lila Seidman and Sammy Roth, Glendale News-Press, July 5, 2019.



Image from the Sierra Club

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