Fresno County First: Why Outsource Solar Before Offering Community Choice Here?

Letter to the editor – On Nov. 2, the Fresno Business Journal published a story, “Fresno County solar project to provide energy to community choice aggregator,” about a Community Choice agency as the recipient of electricity from a large solar installation in Fresno County.

My question is, why don’t we have our own local Fresno-based Community Choice agency to take advantage of these kinds of projects?

Five Community Choice programs are up and running in California, all of them providing cleaner power at lower rates than the big utilities. They are able to do this because they are not-for-profit. Several more are on track to launch service in 2017 and beyond.

Personally, graduating from Clovis West High School in 2012 and playing football my entire life, the amount of practices that were canceled or pushed back due to unhealthy outdoor conditions was unprecedented. The poor air quality disrupted outdoor activities for me and thousands of athletes across the Valley. This issue can be effectively addressed by implementing a program that puts a choice in the hands of our community.

In 2017, our new county board of supervisors and Fresno City Council convenes with a new mayor. How about a consideration for Community Choice Energy?


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