Fresno Is Weighing Community Choice Aggregate Energy, Giving Residents Options For Their Utilities

Editor’s note: Destiny Rodriguez of The Climate Center is referred to in this interview as Destiny Martinez. This is incorrect. 

In most Central Valley communities, there’s only one electric and gas utility. For most of the San Joaquin Valley, it’s Pacific Gas and Electric; if you live in the southeast region, the utility might be Southern California Edison. And unless you have solar panels to offset some of the cost, you have no control over the rates set, which are proposed by the utility and approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. Over the last few months, the City of Fresno has been considering an alternative to PG&E called community choice aggregate energy, or CCA.

Fresno Councilman Luis Chavez has already voiced his support for the program, which allows municipalities to have more control over where energy comes from, and how much it costs. However, the council is a long way from making a final decision on whether to adopt the program.

First the council has to complete a technical study, which will help determine the costs of CCA.

Listen to the interview above to hear an overview of CCA, and how Fresno lawmakers are considering if it’s right for the city.

Fresno Is Weighing Community Choice Aggregate Energy, Giving Residents Options For Their Utilities, By Laura Tsutsui, Valley Public Radio, September 27, 2019.

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  1. Mari
    Mari says:

    Why doesn’t Cal Community Choice Aggregation contact Stanislaus County? The residents of Modesto are disgusted with Modesto Irrigation District’s monopoly. MID controls the electricity market here and is not only one of the most expensive electric companies in California, but one of the most uncaring and unprofessional companies you will ever have the misfortune to deal with.

    • Woody Hastings
      Woody Hastings says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. There is no Cal Community Choice Aggregation that would contact Stanislaus County. Community Choice Aggregation is a state policy. It would be up to the residents and leaders in Stanislaus County to take up an evaluation of Community Choice Aggregation for their community. It is possible that it has not happened due to the fact that not all Irrigation Districts are eligible for Community Choice Aggregation. Our suggestion would be, that if you live in Stanislaus County, inquire of your Supervisors about whether they have looked in to CCA for their constituents. Regards, CPX Staff


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