Full Text of Mayor Sam Liccardo’s State of the City Speech

Mayor Sam Liccardo gave San Jose residents his third State of the City address Saturday, February 11th. Liccardo spoke of unity, inclusion, public safety, prosperity, and laid out plans for connecting and transforming the city. Below is an excerpt from the speech where Liccardo shares his vision for climate leadership and building on the city’s “Green Vision”. The Mayor urges San Jose’s City Council to move forward with its budding Community Choice Energy program, and shares a goal of  San Jose becomming the first major U.S. city to draw 100% renewable energy within the next decade. Please click the link below to read the full text of the speech. 

As San Jose looks to the future, however, too many of our national leaders languish in a petroleumfueled past. As William Gibson observed, the “future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.” The future is well-distributed in San Jose, where we will set a new standard for sustainability and climate leadership.

This year, we’ll build on our decade-old “Green Vision,” with a new Sustainability Plan that will sharpen our focus, and broaden our reach. Rather than merely greening municipal operations or city vehicle fleets, we will engage our entire community in this effort, because sustainability is everybody’s work. Join us in deciding how  we’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable water supply. In March, I will urge that our Council give our residents and businesses a choice in their source of electricity, by moving forward with Community Choice Energy. Let’s become the first major U.S. city to draw 100% of our electricity from renewable sources within the next decade.

Let’s also challenge VTA, City Hall, and industry to ensure that an electric engine powers every bus or shuttle on San Jose’s streets within that time. Let’s make San Jose America’s leading large city for solar deployment, even sooner. Let’s create a robust trail and on-street bike system that makes two wheels  viable commuting alternative to four. Let’s push our utility companies to deploy data tools to empower every resident to conserve water, and let’s expand advanced water recycling systems that can provide future generations with a drought-resistant supply.

Above all, let’s leave our children with a planet, and a legacy of stewardship, that makes all of us proud. Our future belongs to our children. And since they’ll be choosing our nursing home, we should be nice to them. To all of our students here today: you are worthy of our investment.

Full Text of Mayor Sam Liccardo’s State of the City Speech, by Ramona Giwargis, The Mercury News, February 11, 2017.


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