Energy Supply and Generation Methods

DER Graphic – Credit: Jayanth Rangaraju, Texas Instruments

In the early stages of a CCA’s operation, the agency procures solar, other renewables, and conventional electricity from the wholesale electricity market. But over time, it makes sense for a CCA to start tapping and deploying renewable energy, mostly solar, closer to home. Indeed, the established CCAs in California have demonstrated that developing local and regional energy resources can not only increase the amount of affordable renewable energy available but also have the potential to generate jobs, stimulate local economic development and increase community resiliency.

Much focus is on solar as it is the most deployable, least objectionable technology, but CCAs already are exploring and, in a few cases implementing other local energy generation options such as wind power (including off-shore wind), biomass, hydroelectric, and geothermal. As CCAs become more established and as technologies mature, we can expect much more of this innovation.

In each sub-section below, you’ll find information in the following general categories.

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In addition, please visit our DER Projects Clearinghouse where you can learn about specific projects or programs that CCAs are implementing with each of these methods. Search and filter by CCA, technology, goals, location, etc., see summary project information, and most importantly, who to contact for more information to accelerate your own efforts.