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On Tuesday, August 7, just one day before CPX E-News deadline, the CPUC’s final Customer Choice Paper was published. This has not given us enough time to read and report on the contents, which we will do in our next installment. But for now, we want to make sure you know about it and can access it. The CPUC’s statement that accompanied the publication and project contact info are below. For our previous comments on this matter, click HERE.



The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), after extensive public input, today issued the final version of its customer Choice Paper.  The Choice Paper addresses the changing electric market in California and resulting new challenges that are confronting the state’s energy future and reliability. The purpose of the Choice Paper is to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities in California’s rapidly changing electricity market, engage stakeholders, and advance a public dialogue to ensure continued reliable, clean, and affordable electricity for customers and equitable treatment for all market participants. Today’s release is the culmination of more than a year of stakeholder input and guidance from the Choice Paper’s Ad Hoc Advisory Committee of nationally recognized energy experts.  The final version includes non-material changes inspired by written comments submitted from numerous stakeholders and the remarks of participants at public workshops and En Bancs.  The final report includes an expanded discussion of the types of Load Serving Entities (LSEs), updated tables/figures on policy implementation, procurement, resource adequacy and information on a central buyer and customer data.

As next steps, the CPUC will continue to work with stakeholders and other state leadership in planning for California’s energy future and reliability. The CPUC will perform a gap analysis that will examine the fundamental questions raised in the Choice Paper to identify critical issues requiring solutions and create a draft Choice Action Plan. Additionally, a public workshop is being scheduled in mid-October, 2018, to discuss the CPUC’s findings in the gap analysis and a draft action plan as the framework for addressing these gaps.

Link to Choice Paper and Next Steps:  www.cpuc.ca.gov/CustomerChoice.

Contact Information:  For further information and any questions about the California Customer Choice Project, please email customerchoice@cpuc.ca.gov

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