KUSI TV: Backlash Against SDG&E’s New Division Funded By Shareholders

KUSI (Allen Denton and and Sandra Maas) interviews Nicole Capretz on live television about San Diego Gas & Electric’s new tool to try to convince local communities to back off using alternative energy sources. The Public Utilities Commission allowed the utility to setup a separate and special division funded by shareholders, not ratepayers. The purpose of the division is to fight campaigns by cities and individuals to install solar panels and other green energy saving methods.

Watch here.

“Unfortunately SDG&E has decide to fight against the wellbeing and increased quality of life for San Diego families. So now it’s incumbent on us to regroup and put forward a positive campaign to preserve the right of families in San Diego to improve quality of life,” said Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign.

“It seems like a sneaky, self-serving way to keep their monopoly,” KUSI reporter, Sandra Maas.

“Exactly. We believe there should be local control and choice, so that families have the option to get better, competitive energy rates, to save money, and to have cleaner energy sources. That’s the American way. Let’s inject a little competition in the energy marketplace. Unfortunately, SDG&E is insisting they want to have full control.”– Nicole Capretz, Climate Action Campaign.

“SDGE right now purchases energy for all local residents and businesses. The Mayor has a plan that at some point would say ‘we’re going to set the rates, we’re going to purchase, you’re going to supply the energy.”–KUSI Reporter, Allen Denton.

“Exactly. It’s a beautiful program for San Diego families to improve their quality of life and our well being and protect our children’s future. Unfortunately, SDG&E has embarked on this marketing campaign to stifle that effort. It’s unfortunate they’re not being a good corporate citizen. But we’re ready to embark on a positive campaign and disseminate factual information. That’s another challenge, actually. SDG&E is allowed to provide information that is not truthful.”– Nicole Capretz, Climate Action Campaign.

“It seems to be at odds with the City of San Diego that has a goal of 100% clean energy. Does this mean that SDG&E will fight San Diegans to get alternative energy choices?”– KUSI reporter, Sandra Maas

“Yes, SDG&E fought the entire time the city was considering the Climate Action Plan with the 100% clean energy goal. This is just another stage in their fight against that. But we have a lot of people in the community who are committed making sure that we are preserving the freedom for families to have those clean energy choices, and we’re not going to give up until we win.” — Nicole Capretz, Climate Action Campaign.

KUSI TV: Backlash Against SDG&E’s New Division Funded By ShareholdersClimate Action Campaign, August 20, 2016.

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