Last electric bus in Transit fleet makes its way to Porterville

GreenPower Motor Company Inc.  announced on Monday, it has delivered the 10th and final EV350 electric bus to Porterville Transit.

As previously announced, Porterville and GreenPower received grant funding of $9.5 million through the California Air Resources Board’s (“CARB”) Zero Emissions Bus and Truck Pilot Program. This grant funding covered the purchase of 10 EV350 40-foot low floor battery-electric transit buses featuring an industry-leading range of 250 miles on a single charge.

“Porterville Transit is well on its way to deploying the nation’s first 100 percent electric fleet,” said Brendan Riley, President of GreenPower. “This city – located in the heart of Central California – is showing other rural areas across the country that electric buses are not only for urban city centers but can be successfully used almost anywhere. We’re very proud to have our EV350’s showcased in this manner.”

“The City of Porterville is pleased to partner with GreenPower Motor Company, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, and the California Air Resources Board to offer a clean, zero-emission, 100 percent battery-electric mobility to the residents of our community,” Porterville Department of Transportation Director Richard Tree said. “Theses electric transit buses will operate daily on all nine routes of the Porterville Transit system and will showcase the practicality and economic viability of wide-spread adoption of zero-emission heavy-duty transit buses. These new buses have performed extremely well, delivering industry-leading range, and have received high praises from our passengers.”

GreenPower is also assisting Porterville with the installation of charging infrastructure and upon the anticipated completion this fall, Porterville will have replaced its legacy CNG bus fleet and fueling infrastructure.

“The City has also partnered with GreenPower to showcase some of the most sophisticated charging stations in the nation,” Tree said. “Once the charging station infrastructure has been completed, we expect to be able to charge our entire fleet in less than three hours, utilizing smart charging capabilities, to lower our operational costs. GreenPower has been a strategic partner in the development of an intelligent approach to the electric vehicle management. 

            “The City is extremely fortune to have a local manufacturer that has worked closely, from the very beginning, to ensure our success.”

The EV350 is a purpose-built forty-foot zero emissions low floor transit bus that can meet the operational demands of any end user with unparalleled range and reliability. The EV350 can be configured to seat up to 39 passengers, including two wheelchair passengers, and features 432kWh of batteries. The EV350 is eligible for a base voucher of $150,000 from the California HVIP program and an additional voucher of $15,000 when the vehicle is operated within communities that qualify.

In addition to converting its entire fleet of buses to electric, Porterville is working to build a fleet of other electric vehicles that can be used in the future for on-demand ride sharing services. Porterville’s Transit system is the first of its kind not only in the Central Valley or California, but it’s the first in the nation. The Porterville Transit system is considered to be ahead of the game when compared to bigger cities.


Last electric bus in Transit fleet makes its way to Porterville, The Porterville Recorder Staff, The Porterville Recorder, September 10, 2019.

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