Legislative Update for October 1, 2020

Yesterday was the last day for the Governor to sign bills. Below is a summary of the results of some of the bills we monitored. To save you time, we have only included bills that have been signed by the governor or are still pending on his desk. All other bills previously tracked were withdrawn by the author or died in committee.

For a complete list of the 135 bills we tracked in 2020, click HERE.

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See our collected position letters HERE.

Assembly Bills

AB 78 (Multiple co-authors) This is a budget trailer bill within the overall 2020-21 budget package necessary to implement actions related to the California Infrastructure Bank (IBank). It establishes a Climate Catalyst Revolving Loan Fund at the IBank to receive funds from non State governmental entities and private sources for the purpose of making loans for climate catalyst projects that further the state’s climate goals. STATUS: Signed by the Governor.

AB 841 (Ting) Supported – Reallocates funds to help upgrade school HVAC systems and advance electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  STATUS: Signed by the Governor. See article about AB 841 in this edition of CPX e-news.

AB 2800 (Quirk) – Creates a Climate Safe Infrastructure Working Group. STATUS: Signed by the Governor.

AB 3214 (Limón) – Supported. Read coalition Letter of Support that The Climate Center’s signed on to. This bill increases existing fines for oil spills. STATUS: Signed by the Governor.

Senate Bills

SB 702 (Hill) – This bill authorizes an electric retail seller the option to rely on the contracts or ownership agreements entered into prior to January 1, 2019, directly by its nonprofit educational institution end-use customer to help satisfy the longterm procurement requirement in the state’s renewable portfolio standard. STATUS: Signed by the Governor.

SB 1320 (Stern) SUPPORT – Directs the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), through the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (ICARP), to complete a California-specific climate change assessment no less frequently than every five years to assess the impacts and risks of climate change and identify potential solutions to inform legislative policy. STATUS: Signed by the Governor.


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