Lemoore Charged up over Charging Stations

The ChargePoint company says they are helping more people choose to drive electric. The company was recently awarded a California Energy Commission grant to develop, own and operate high-speed EV charging stations along key highway corridors in California.

Now they want to install a station in Lemoore the City Council heard about at a study session last month. Staff says an agreement with the company is expected in coming weeks.

Within the next two to five years, the number of EV drivers in the community will increase rapidly, believe both the company and the state. At no cost to the city of Lemoore, ChargePoint plans to install and maintain 10 total parking spaces with the initial installation of two to four high-speed EV chargers and one dual port Level 2 charger. It serves drivers wanting to make a 30 minute to an hour stop; compatible with all electric vehicles. Level2 charging ports charge time is between one to three hours.

The development is expected to make Lemoore a popular stop along Highway 41 and increase visitation to Downtown Lemoore. ChargePoint would own, operate and maintain the station at its own expense over a 15-year term (option to auto-renew).

The current proposal would be to use a city parking lot on E Street, near the depot.

Lemoore Charged up over Charging Stations, by John Lindt, The Sentinel, November 9, 2017.

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