MBCP gains momentum for Oct. 2016 launch

by Daniel Paul Nelson, Romero Institute

The Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) project continues to move forward. As June comes to a close, Community Choice energy (CCE) is nearing its launch in the tri-county area of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito!

On June 9th, the MBCP Project Development & Advisory Committee (PDAC) convened its 2nd and 3rd “study sessions” for elected officials and their staffs who are considering joining the CCE on behalf of their respective counties and cities. These two study sessions were for the Counties of Santa Cruz and San Benito, i.e. both county officials and city leaders operating within those counties. At this time, now that the study sessions are complete, ad hoc educational meetings are occurring between those representing MBCP and electeds, as the 21 different regional bodies deliberate about whether to join the CCE this fall. The tentative deadline for regions to vote to join during this first year of voting (“early deciders”) is October 31st, 2016. Many regions are expected to join. The MBCP stands to be the largest CCE, geographically, in the State of California; it would be the only Community Choice program that spans 3 counties. To receive updates on MBCP progress, see http://montereybaycca.org.

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