MCE Approved for $750,000 Grant to Support Critical Resiliency Facilities

The Marin Community Foundation recently approved a two-year grant of $750,000 to MCE through the Buck Family Fund. MCE will use the grant to support clean energy resiliency for nonprofit critical facilities and affordable housing in Marin County. In the face of wildfire threats, we recognize that the decision to shut off electricity service is difficult. MCE’s goal is to ensure clean energy is part of the solution that helps communities and families keep their lights on in the event of a Public Safety Power Shut-off (PSPS) event.

MCE’s other resiliency efforts include:

  • a $3 million fund recently approved by MCE’s Board of Directors, which will be used in partnership with MCE member communities to help increase resiliency for community centers in the event of a PSPS event
  • a Request for Proposals to provide energy storage programs for vulnerable customers
  • participating as a community outreach partner under the Self-Generation Incentive Program‘s Equity budget
  • installing on-site storage at MCE’s San Rafael office to allow islanding during a PSPS event, in order to provide EV charging as an additional community resource
  • continued investigation into opportunities for CCAs to develop community-scale microgrids

Together with our community partners, MCE will continue to explore long-term solutions to help customers take control of their energy futures while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

MCE Approved for $750,000 Grant to Support Critical Resiliency Facilities, by Jenna Famular, MCE, February 13, 2020.

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