RCEA Public Rebate for Electric Vehicles

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority launched a rebate today, funded by RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program, to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in Humboldt County. The rebate program is the first of its kind in the county and aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The rebate program will run until funds run out.

California is making great strides towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from passenger cars, most recently with Governor Newsom’s executive order requiring all new cars and passenger trucks sold in the state to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

One of the statewide programs that has been working for years to lower the cost of switching to an electric vehicle is the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), at CleanVehicleRebate.org. RCEA’s EV rebate will serve as an add-on to the CVRP, meaning that those who have been approved for a rebate by the CVRP can receive an additional rebate totaling 50% of whatever incentive amount they received from the CVRP. We will accept CVRP applications dated 9/1/20 or later, and vehicles need to be registered in Humboldt County to qualify.

Not only are EVs better for the environment, but EV drivers can save on fuel and maintenance costs without sacrificing size, quality, or comfort. RCEA’s rebate, along with The Federal Tax Credit, will further lower the cost of purchasing a new EV.

Terms and conditions, the application, and complete details can be found on RCEA’s website, redwoodenergy.org. For additional information you can call (707) 269-1700 or email EV@redwoodenergy.org.

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