San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Summit: A well-attended success on many levels

Community Choice Energy and the Clean Power Exchange (CPX) had a strong presence at the first annual San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Summit. Held at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial Hall, the Summit, organized by Joseph Oldham of CALSTART and Erik Cherkaski of the Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) of Fresno State University, attracted over one hundred movers and shakers in the clean transportation movement from throughout California.

The Summit was organized primarily by Erik Cherkaski, CPX Correspondent for Fresno County, who also works at OCED. CPX had an information booth staffed by me along with our newest volunteer Correspondent, Ian Hall, who helped answer questions about Community Choice Energy and how electric vehicles can plug into cleaner power. Our Tulare County Correspondent Pedro Hernandez also attended the early part of the Summit, as did two representatives of our strategic partner, the Central Valley Air Quality Coalition.


CPX volunteer Ian Hall, Woody Hastings, and CPX Correspondent and Summit organizer Erik Cherkaski at the CPX information booth.

Keynote speakers included California Assemblymember Dr. Joaquin Arambula and Fresno City Council member Oliver Baines III. Dr. Arambula described his evolution from medical doctor, seeing first-hand the physical ravages of poor air quality on his patients, to elected official working to change that reality for the better. He made a forceful and impassioned argument that the climate crisis and the air quality crisis must be addressed effectively. Councilmember Baines, who is also the Chair of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, pointed to the progress that has been made over the years, reducing harmful emissions from stationary sources by 80%, and noting that there is still a long way to go.

The Summit was designed to provide an opportunity for residents and businesses in the San Joaquin Valley to become familiar with the latest in clean transportation technologies through an up-close and personal experience. The Summit included speakers, breakout sessions, vendor booths, vehicle displays, and ride-n-drive demonstrations in partnership with several dealerships. Gauging the success of this first Summit, it is highly likely that it will happen again next year, so stay tuned!

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