San Jose Clean Energy and Fuse announce Fellowship

On May 16, 2017, the San José City Council voted unanimously to establish San José Clean Energy (SJCE), San José’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) Program, to offer individuals and businesses additional renewable-energy options at competitive rates. The program will make San José the largest jurisdiction in California to operate a Community Choice Energy Program, with the goal of meeting the city’s climate-action goals within five-to-ten years. The implementation of San Jose Clean Energy is a tremendous opportunity for San José to offer its community members a choice of energy providers, create new local jobs to foster economic growth, generate revenue for the community, offer myriad renewable energy options resulting in lowered energy rates, and contribute to reducing the risks associated with global climate change.

The launch of San José’s CCE program allows the city to thoughtfully develop clean-energy options that offer positive benefits to every member of the community, including the creation of more than one hundred clean energy jobs. To support this work, SJCE and the City of San José will partner with FUSE Corps to host an executive-level fellow for one year, who will take the lead in developing a roadmap of clean energy customer programs that the SJCE will ultimately fund to benefit the residents of San Jose.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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