San Ramon Council to Discuss Community Choice Energy Program

The San Ramon City Council is set to talk Tuesday about whether the city should join a community choice energy program to allow for electricity-sourcing options other than PG&E.

San Ramon — along with Contra Costa County and 13 other municipalities, including Danville — are looking into whether to stay with PG&E, join an existing CCE or form a new local program to purchase electricity from sources other than PG&E, including more renewable options, and then to sell it back to consumers in their areas.

The goals of an alternative program would include gaining local control, expanding consumer choices and reducing consumer costs for electricity generation, according to San Ramon Valley officials.

The 15 jurisdictions commissioned a technical study from a consultant firm to outline how a local energy program would work, and the San Ramon council is set to receive the latest update on the study from city staff and county officials Tuesday night.

The study analyzed four options for each community to consider: remain with PG&E, join the existing MCE Clean Energy (formerly known as Marin Clean Energy), join the East Bay Community Energy (a new CCE program being established in Alameda County) or form a new Contra Costa County CCE program.

The participating town and city councils and the county Board of Supervisors are expected to issue decisions in the weeks ahead on possibly implementing one of the options in their community. San Ramon city staff did not make a recommendation to the council heading into Tuesday’s meeting, according to the pre-meeting agenda packet.

The council’s open-session meeting is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. inside the council chambers at 7000 Bollinger Canyon Road.

San Ramon Council to Discuss Community Choice Energy Program, by Jeremy Walsh, Danville San Ramon, May 8, 2017.

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