Santa Maria to reconsider joining community choice energy program

After postponing a decision three months ago, the Santa Maria City Council on Tuesday will reconsider joining the Monterey Bay Community Power Authority’s community choice energy program.

Community choice energy programs are meant to serve as an alternative to investor-owned utility energy supply systems.

Under the CCE system, which was established by a 2002 state law, local entities aggregate the buying power of individual customers to secure alternative energy supply contracts.

The local utility — which is Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in northern Santa Barbara County — routes the CCE-procured electricity through existing lines to customers and remains in charge of billing.

If city officials sign off on joining the energy agency, Santa Marians would begin receiving service in early 2021.

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Santa Maria to reconsider joining community choice energy program, by Razi Syed, Santa Maria Times, August 16, 2019.

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