SFPUC Gearing Up to Bring Cleaner Energy to 100,000+ SF Customers this Summer

San Francisco, CA—The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is gearing up to provide cleaner energy to more than 100,000 San Francisco residents and businesses this summer. It’s all part of the next large-scale customer enrollment for the City’s popular Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program called CleanPowerSF. SFPUC Commissioners voted today to give the City utility the authority to enter into long-term supply agreements with renewable and shaped energy providers. Once those agreements are in place, the SFPUC will be able to increase its portfolio of renewable energy supply and begin serving new CleanPowerSF customers in this next phase on July 1st.

“We know that San Franciscans are eager to reduce their carbon footprint with cleaner energy, and we are working hard to make that happen,” said SFPUC General Manager Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. “With these additional resources, we will purchase more renewable energy and deliver it to customers in the coming months. For the past 100 years, San Francisco has been generating clean hydropower from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir for the benefit of City residents. We are proud to continue to advance this long and vital tradition of delivering clean energy. As we continue to expand our CleanPowerSF program, more residents and businesses will have access to cleaner energy at competitive rates.”

CleanPowerSF successfully welcomed its first 75,000 customers across the City in 2016 as part of its plan to roll the program out in structured phases. The next large-scale enrollment will happen on July 1. The SFPUC will notify customers who are selected for the upcoming largescale enrollment through a multi-faceted public awareness campaign including targeted digital advertising, community events and U.S. mail prior to this next phase of the structured enrollment process. The SFPUC anticipates enrolling all eligible San Francisco customers in CleanPowerSF by July 2019.

While CleanPowerSF will continue enrolling customers by neighborhood through 2019, all current San Francisco PG&E customers who are not already enrolled in the program can go to www.cleanpowersf.org/enroll to be included in the next enrollment phase.

Cleaner energy at a competitive price

CleanPowerSF is a partnership between the SFPUC and PG&E to deliver cleaner energy at competitive rates to residents and businesses in San Francisco. Under the program, PG&E continues to maintain the power grid, respond to outages and send monthly bills. The process of switching from PG&E’s electricity supply to CleanPowerSF’s supply is seamless.

As CleanPowerSF is introduced across the City, customers are automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF’s Green service, featuring at least 40% renewable energy from California sources. CleanPowerSF also offers an optional upgrade to 100% renewable energy. For comparison, PG&E’s electricity supply is currently 33% renewable.

As the City continues to eliminate carbon emissions from its electricity supply, the SFPUC is empowering residents and businesses with an array of programs and initiatives that make it easy to go green. In addition to CleanPowerSF, the SFPUC also offers clean Hetch Hetchy clean hydropower to eligible commercial and residential customers. The SFPUC is also building a Hetch Hetchy clean hydropower distribution line in the City’s Mission Bay neighborhood to better connect future customers with Hetch Hetchy clean electricity. Additionally, the SFPUC is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of the City’s 20 municipal solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. In total, the 20 solar energy facilities can generate up to 8.1 megawatts (MW) of energy.


SFPUC Gearing Up to Bring Cleaner Energy to 100,000+ SF Customers this Summer, by Staff, San Francisco Water Power Sewer, February 13, 2018. 

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