Smart city, smart energy

I recently attended a meeting focused on the growth of Stockton and the importance of smart planning. As Stockton grows, it’s increasingly important to use our limited resources to best serve a growing population. A sometimes overlooked issue is increased energy consumption. If we are going to be smart about how Stockton grows, we need to think about our energy supply.

The Fresno Business Journal recently reported that a majority of Central Valley residents want a choice in electricity generation and would support locally produced electricity if profits were reinvested into local communities. That survey also polled Stockton residents — where 73 percent of respondents indicated they want a choice in electricity generation and 72 percent say it’s important that their energy come from clean sources.

Opportunities such as Community Choice Energy, a rapidly growing movement in other parts of California, are worth exploring as a potential solution to Stockton’s energy needs. As Stockton moves forward and reshapes its future, I hope The Record can help shine a light on Stockton’s opportunity as an eligible city, to evaluate Community Choice Energy.

Smart City, Smart Energy, by Tulsi, September 7, 2016.



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