Sonoma Clean Power Becomes Default in June

The Fort Bragg City Council met Monday evening to discuss the Georgia-Pacific mill site, Sonoma Clean Power (Fort Bragg’s new default electricity provider), upgrades to local streetlights and more.


Sonoma Clean Power will become the default electricity provider in the area in coming months after a decision by the City Council to proceed with the option last year.

Customers in Fort Bragg will be automatically enrolled in SCP CleanStart service on their June meter read date, unless they choose to opt out and continue service only with PG&E or opt up to SCP’s EverGreen Service.

SCP Public Affairs and Marketing Director Kate Kelly and SCP Director of Customer Service Erica Torgerson gave a presentation to the City Council Monday night to reiterate the concept and implementation timeline of the new service provider.

The pair plan on attending multiple additional public meetings.

“We’re really hoping to make ourselves accessible to the public and make this as transparent as possible,” said Kelly.

Since PG&E lines will still carry the electricity and PG&E will continue maintenance of the lines, customers’ PG&E accounts will not be terminated. Instead, households will now receive electric generation from SCP and continue to receive electric delivery from PG&E. Bills will include SCP’s electric generation charges and PG&E’s generation credit.

“This is what you would have paid PG&E for electric generation,” said Kelly. “So it’s not an additional charge, but now it will be separated out so you can see the two.”

PG&E discounts such as the CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline programs will continue automatically; there’s no need to reapply.

Enrollment notices will go out to customers early next month and again in May and June.

The Sonoma Power representatives on hand assured the audience that the company won’t be taking jobs from PG&E employees who live locally.

Another presentation is planned for Friday, March 17, at the Fort Bragg Senior Center from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m.

For a complete list of public meetings on the subject refer to or call Sonoma Clean Power at 855-202-2139.

Sonoma Clean Power Becomes Default in June, by Kelci Parks, Fort Bragg Advocate-News, March 16, 2017.

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