Southern California Edison plugging into electric-vehicle charging market

Southern California Edison (SCE) is investing big in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. SCE has launched a pilot program to install 1,500 charging stations at workplaces and apartment complexes and has plans to expand this program in the future.

“If all goes well, Edison hopes to expand the program by adding 30,000 charging stations at a total cost of $355 million, Griffo said. SCE is supportive of the state’s effort to put 1.5-million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025 for an 80 percent reduction in carbon pollution from the transportation sector by 2050. Carbon pollution from the burning of gasoline in vehicles is the main contributor to global climate change, which an overwhelming majority of scientists say is warming the Earth, causing rising sea levels and catastrophic storms, floods and droughts. Electric cars are recommended as a way to cut air pollution and greenhouse gases.”

Southern California Edison plugging into electric-vehicle charging market, by Steve Scauzillo, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, May 14, 2016.

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