Terragen Giving Presentation On Proposed Ridgetop Turbine Project In Ferndale On Tuesday

TerraGen, developers of the proposed ridgetop turbine project will give a presentation on their project at Old Steeple 246 Berding St, Ferndale, CA on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.

Humboldt Wind, LLC proposes the construction and operation of a wind energy project of up to 155 MW, with a project footprint involving 124 parcels, beginning west of State Highway 101, south of Rio Dell and Scotia, and terminating east of State Highway 101 in Bridgeville at the PG&E substation. Specific project components consist of:

*Up to 60 wind turbines with maximum height of 591 feet from base to highest point of blade rotation, set on concrete foundations.

*A 19 mile underground fiber optics communications system and electrical collection system linking the turbines to each other and to a substation for distribution into the General Transmission (Gen-tie) line.

*A 115 kiloVolt (kV) Gen-tie line of approximately 32 miles would transport the energy generated by the wind towers. The Gen-Tie line would begin at a new substation located west of Highway 101, span in an eastward direction, and cross under the Eel River. Once across the river, the Gen-Tie line would continue eastward as an overhead line and connect to the PG&E Bridgeville Substation for distribution into the power grid. PG&E substation expansion and improvements would be required.

*The wind tower and turbines with related components would enter Humboldt County via Humboldt Bay with anticipated port of entry at Fields Landing. No improvements to facilitate the offloading of turbine components from ships or barges have been proposed. There may be temporary off-ramps or other proposed modifications along Highway 101 to accommodate the oversized loads.

*Proposed throughout the project area are temporary and permanent operations, maintenance, and staging facilities, two temporary cement batch plants, and up to 17 miles of new access roads. Existing access roads will be widened to accommodate oversized truck-trailer loads.

*A permanent operations facility that includes related buildings and offices would be constructed on the west side of State Highway 101 at the Pepperwood/Avenue of the Giants exit.

Proposed turbines are the largest height to be used in the United States to date; twice as tall as the tallest coastal redwoods.  Permanent and temporary changes will cover over 900 acres on the project footprint and the length of Highway 101 from Field’s Landing to Pepperwood. Turbine transport requires up to 12 loads per turbine of which up to nine are oversized.  Vehicles do not fit California standards for height, width, weight and length and will require permits to function at 45-55 mph loaded and 55-60 mph unloaded returns.  Planned bypasses, widening, filling and other road modifications cover Visitor Access Road at Hookton Slough Wildlife Refuge, Loleta Drive, Fernbridge at Singley Road Overcrossing, Palmer Boulevard, Dinsmore Drive, and 12th Street exits.

A video presentation on the proposal is available at


The project documents are located at


Printed copies can be purchased at Scrappers’ Edge in Eureka.

All comments on the Draft EIR must be received by the County no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday June 5, 2019 to be considered. Pursuant to Section 15088a of the CEQA Guidelines, late comments will be considered only at the County’s discretion.

Comments must be directed to:

Humboldt Wind Energy Project Planner

County of Humboldt Planning Department

3015 H Street

Eureka, CA 95501



Terragen Giving Presentation On Proposed Ridgetop Turbine Project In Ferndale On Tuesday, Press Release, Redheaded Blackbelt, May 26, 2019.

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