The time has come to say ‘no’ to Grayson plan and ‘yes’ to renewable energy

Imagine you are driving a truck loaded with hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. You are moving at a fast speed when you see a sign that says “End of Road.” You continue past the sign and see another billboard with a skull and crossbones that says “Cliff Ahead, Stop Immediately.” You ignore the sign and instead press the accelerator. The next thing you know, you are in free fall.

The current plan for the Grayson gas plant is the health and financial equivalent of driving a truck filled with money off a cliff.

The scientific consensus is that we need to take immediate and aggressive action to avoid a climate catastrophe. Recent record-breaking temperatures and natural disasters are just a prelude to the what we will face if we don’t take action now. Massive species loss, collapsing food systems, and waves of climate migration may be just around the corner. We are simply out of time for half measures.


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Commentary: The time has come to say ‘no’ to Grayson plan and ‘yes’ to renewable energy, by Patrick Dinan, Glendale News-Press, June 28, 2019.

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