UPS Announces $18M Solar Energy Expansion

Parcel giant UPS this week announced plans to implement solar energy systems in at least eight additional U.S. facilities by the end of the year.

The $18 million initiative will expand the company’s solar capacity by nearly 10 megawatts, a five-fold increase from its current capacity. The expansion will include the purchase of more than 26,000 solar panels.

Once completed, those facilities will produce half of their daily energy use via solar power. The overall project is expected to curb about 8,200 metric tons of carbon emissions annually, as well as provide additional flexibility to UPS, which will own a significant portion of its long-term power supply.

The company currently utilizes solar panels in Palm Springs, Calif., and three facilities in New Jersey. Additional expansion is expected in the next several years, officials said.

“We have a significant number of facilities that are well positioned to deploy solar at scale and increase our sustainable energy options for our buildings and electric vehicles,” UPS Director of Facilities Procurement Bill Moir said in a statement.

UPS Announces $18M Solar Energy Expansion, by Andy Szal,, February 9, 2017.