Valley Clean Energy Alliance Launch: Board of Directors Hold Inaugural Meeting

On December 14, 2016, I attended the first Board of Directors meeting for the Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA). The VCEA is a new joint powers agency between Yolo County and the City of Davis, with the purpose of providing electric generation services to its residents under Community Choice Energy (CCE). Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key element of the mission of VCEA.[1]

Attendees included city and county staff, energy industry representatives, and interested members of the public. In addition to formally approving VCEA’s name, the VCEA Board unanimously voted to appoint Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor as Chair of VCEA and Davis City Council member Lucas Frerichs as Vice Chair, making the four member VCEA Board equally represented between Davis City Council and Yolo County Board of Supervisors members. The Board plans to meet twice a month during the start-up phase.

“I’m delighted the Davis City Council and Yolo County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to jointly launch the Valley Clean Energy Alliance,” said Supervisor Don Saylor, Chair of the Valley Clean Energy Alliance. “I look forward to delivering cost-competitive clean electricity, product choice, price stability, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission reductions to the residents of the unincorporated areas of Yolo County and the City of Davis, with hopes that other jurisdictions might join us in the future.”

The Board laid out an aggressive timeline, reflecting their desire to begin providing services as soon as possible. The anticipated launch date is October 2017, just a year after VCEA was formed in October 2016. To meet this goal, the Board has set quarterly milestones beginning in January 2017.




Quarter 1: January – March 2017 Vendor Selection
Quarter 2: April – June 2017 Implementation Plan Certification (by June)
Quarter 3: July – September 2017 Initial Rate Set
Quarter 4: October – December 2017 Service Begins; Opt out Notifications Sent; NEM and FiT solved


The Board has already taken steps to start the process. An RFP (request for proposals) was issued on December 5th and an evaluation of bidders is expected to take place in February or March of 2017.

In addition to this timeline, the city of Davis and Yolo County agreed to share VCEA responsibilities equally. Yolo County will be responsible for treasury and auditing services, CEO recruitment, and outreach to customers. Davis will handle project management, technical and energy services, and coordination of the community advisory committee.

The advisory committee will be comprised of three members from each jurisdiction that VCEA serves. Its purpose is to help guide VCEA’s general policy (including portfolio mix and rate setting), assist with community outreach, provide a forum for community discussions on energy related issues, and potentially assist VCEA staff with monitoring legislative and regulatory activities.[2]

Woodland and other cities in Yolo County have expressed considerable interest in joining VCEA in the near future.

To stay up to date on developments at VCEA, sign up for the Sacramento Valley e-news in the Clean Power Exchange, and visit the VCEA pages for the City of Davis and Yolo County.




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