Ventura keeps most electricity accounts with Southern California Edison’s competitor

Driven by a desire to increase renewable power and support the provider they want delivering it, Ventura’s policymakers are keeping the majority of the city’s electricity accounts with the Clean Power Alliance.

Several other cities involved in the joint powers authority are moving around accounts or weighing options in response to significant rate increases set by CPA’s board on June 6 as it closed a gap in projected revenue.

The rate hikes affected 1,800 high-user accounts, about 1% of all customers. Those commercial users face hikes of between 37% and 47% on accounts related to street and highway lighting, outdoor area lighting, pumping and agriculture.

CPA’s residential customers weren’t impacted by the new rates  – they’ll continue to pay based on the tier set by the elected officials of the jurisdictions in which they live.

But for Ventura government and other large accounts, the costs amounted to between tens and hundreds of thousands extra per year.

To bring those down, the Ventura City Council voted 4-3 on Monday night to move its biggest accounts – those related to street lights – to Southern California Edison. Other accounts impacted, including ones related to pumping and large facilities like City Hall, will remain with Clean Power Alliance but move to a 36% renewable energy, down from the 100% mix elected officials previously had chosen.

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 Ventura keeps most electricity accounts with Southern California Edison’s competitor ,by Arlene Martinez, VC Star, June 23, 2019.

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