Want to save money on your power bill? Fresno councilmember wants to go around PG&E

CPX Editor’s Note: A statistical error was made in this article. While Community Choice agencies in California offer competitive rates, a 20% discount rate is an overestimation.


Video from The Fresno Bee
Fresno Councilmember Luis Chavez said he’s spearheading an effort to give residents a potentially cheaper energy provider than Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Chavez said Fresno residents could save an average of 20% on their monthly bills if they can buy their energy through what’s called a “community choice agency.” There are 19 of them in the state.

Chavez said he thinks Fresno would have an appetite for a new option especially following the controversies PG&E has seen in recent years.

The company is coming off several years of major disasters including the Camp Fire in Paradise last year and other major fires in recent years across the state. Then there was the fatal San Bruno PG&E explosion in 2010.

PG&E this month brought its listening tour to Fresno ahead of an effort by the company to raise rates for consumers throughout the state next year to help pay for wildfire risk management and insurance.

“Right now you have a situation where a private company that answers to shareholders can raise rates because of mismanagement,” Chavez said.

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Want to save money on your power bill? Fresno councilmember wants to go around PG&E By Thaddeus Miller, The Fresno Bee,  August 26, 2019.

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