We need justice in fighting climate change

Fran Pavley

Fran Pavley, California State Senator, 27th Senate District

Last month, amid a flurry of confusion about California’s climate policy, we passed two bills – Senate Bill 32 and Assembly Bill 197 – out of committee. Together, the bills represent a refreshing partnership that underscores a guiding principle: that as the state works to follow mandates required by science, it also must abide the imperatives of justice and equity.

Those imperatives – to provide economic security and a brighter future – have guided our work to face a changing climate.

We have come to understand that the imperative to take carbon out of the atmosphere is inexorably tied to the obligation we have to lessen the impacts on those who live next to a highway or in the shadow of a smokestack.

READ MORE: We need justice in fighting climate change, by Fran Pavley, Sacramento Bee, July 28, 2016



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