Distributed Energy Resources in a Community Choice Energy Context: Webinar #7, 2/21/2018

Webinar Recording

(Note: the audio in the second half-hour of the recording below was not very good. We have posted the entire recording as is, and in addition, below the original recording is a supplemental PowerPoint with a clear audio overdub.)

To play the following re-recording of Dave’s presentation, click below. When the PowerPoint opens up, click on “Slide Show” in the top menu bar. Then click on “Play from Start” in the drop-down menu.

Supplemental Recording of Dave Erickson’s presentation – GOOD AUDIO

Webinar Handouts

Presenter Bios

Lorenzo Kristov Slide Deck

Dave Erickson Slide Deck

White Paper: “Market Architectures for Managing Distributed Energy Resources”


Distributed Energy Resources in a Community Choice Energy Context

This webinar focused on the rapidly evolving role of Community Choice agencies as catalysts for advancing distributed energy resources (DERs) in California with an emphasis on market models and community resiliency benefits.

Lorenzo Kristov, an independent consultant focusing on integration of distributed resources, formerly market and infrastructure policy principal with CAISO, presented on the evolution of the electric system toward an integrated, decentralized structure with an emphasis on community resilience.

Dave Erickson of E3R Consulting and formerly of the CPUC Energy Division, distribution resource planning, addressed the applications of distribution level markets to achieve CCA policy outcomes. The presentation is based on a recent white paper he produced that analyzes three different approaches to a market design for grid services provided by Distributed Energy Resources.

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