West Hollywood Opts in for 100% Renewable Energy

On February 20th, the West Hollywood City Council voted to opt in to Clean Power Alliance’s 100% clean energy option. Clean Power Alliance (CPA), formally Los Angeles Community Choice Energy (LACCE), is the largest Community Choice Energy program in the state.

Joining a community choice program has been a goal for the city since 2015 when they decided to participate in a financial feasibility study. After debating between joining CPA or South Bay Clean Power, the city officially filed to join CPA in September of 2017.

West Hollywood ultimately decided that the completely renewable option was in line with the city’s goal to lower their carbon footprint. With this option, customers are expected to pay 7% more than if they were to stick with Southern California Edison’s standard energy services. However, sticking with Edison means that only 34% of the energy would be renewable. Giving customers the option between CPA and Edison creates competition that benefits electricity consumers.

Here a link to the agenda packet with item 2AA, the staff report that goes with it, and the video of the meeting. CCA discussion begins at about hour 3:


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