Why Community Choice Energy is a win for San Diego families

Electricity in San Diego is about to become more clean, affordable and community-driven as cities across our region get ready to launch Community Choice Energy (CCE) to supply our energy needs.

After years of study and careful deliberation, along with extensive public outreach, cities are in the process of taking back control of our energy destiny. By going from a for-profit corporate monopoly to a local, nonprofit public agency, San Diego will finally join over 10 million other Californians who already enjoy energy freedom and receive the benefits of public power.

And it’s about time.

CCE (also known as CCA) programs have been successfully operating across the state for nearly a decade, giving families the freedom of choice in who supplies their electricity. Under a CCE program, the CCE purchases the power, while the utility maintains and operates the grid. Families can choose to stay with their utility or join the CCE program. Revenues generated by CCE programs are reinvested back into the community, rather than going to pay outrageous executive salaries or line the pockets of corporate shareholders.

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Why Community Choice Energy is a win for San Diego families, by Eddie Price & Matthew Vasilakis, The San Diego Union-Tribune, July 17, 2019.

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