Clean Power Exchange (CPX) is a place to exchange news, information, and resources about clean energy and the Community Choice movement across California.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that we ignore the science at our own peril and early action saves lives. The dry winter and prospect of another brutal fire season mean communities must quickly find creative ways to build resilience. Community Choice agencies are finding ways to be part of the solution not only during this pandemic, but also in the face of the climate crisis.

  • Community Choice energy accelerates the adoption of renewables and strengthens local economies by shifting energy decision-making to local control.
  • Community Choice fosters Energy Democracy by empowering community stakeholders to weigh in on energy issues that affect their lives. CPX provides the tools needed to make the shift to a local, clean energy economy.

Together, let’s create a future free of fossil fuels, where residents and businesses share the benefits of local, clean energy.

Recent News:
Endorse Climate-Safe California

We must accelerate existing state policy timelines now to achieve the required emissions reductions, carbon-sequestering ecosystems, and resilient communities. Our goal is that California reaches net-negative emissions (sequestration more than emissions) by 2030 while closing the low-income climate gap and securing a positive transition for fossil fuel workers. Endorse and support our Climate-Safe California campaign today for accelerated climate action that will also catalyze efforts globally. Together we will secure a vibrant, healthy and climate-safe future for all.