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CPX Webinars:

CCAs + IDER: The Case for Why and When

Please join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, August 22, 11am to noon. This will be the first in a series of four webinars highlighting the relationship between Community Choice and distributed energy resources, co-sponsored by the Adobe Foundation. Presenters for this webinar include Chris Sentieri and the Adobe Project team. Chris Sentieri is a clean energy, climate change and sustainability policy consultant and program manager. Register HERE.

Recordings, PowerPoint slides, and related materials for all webinars are available on our dedicated CPX Webinars Page. If you have questions about CPX webinars, and/or to suggest a webinar topic, please email:

Thank you to all who attended! For recordings of various panels and talks please click here. 

The Business of Local Energy Symposium 2017 – A Smashing Success

Leveraging the Local Benefits of Community Choice Energy

On May 5, 2017, about 400 people including elected officials, energy sector professionals, and advocates gathered in Long Beach for the Center for Climate Protection’s third annual Business of Local Energy Symposium. Co-organizers were the Local Government Commission and the Local Government Sustainability and Energy Coalition. Attendees heard 56 speakers and discussed California’s decentralized energy future. The theme was “It’s all about impact.” Click here for more details and media from the event.

Clean Power Exchange (CPX) is a place to exchange news, information, and resources about clean energy and the Community Choice movement sweeping across California.

  • Community Choice energy accelerates the adoption of renewables and strengthens local economies by shifting energy decision-making to local control.
  • Community Choice fosters Energy Democracy by empowering community stakeholders to weigh in on energy issues that affect their lives. CPX provides the tools needed to make the shift to a local, clean energy economy.

Together, let’s create a future free of fossil fuels, where residents and businesses share the benefits of local, clean energy.

Interactive Map

Our interactive map shows the rapid acceleration of Community Choice in California. Click to view county and city information.


The CPX Resource Center offers basic and advanced tools to get a Community Choice program up and running: sample documents, laws & regulations, videos, and more.


What’s the latest in Community Choice Energy? Stay current on developments and innovations in clean energy.

Community Choice is Expanding in California

Click here for an informational handout about Community Choice that you can share with your networks.