Advanced Community Energy (ACE) – A Policy, a Technology, and a Campaign: Webinar #17, 7/17/2019

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The Advanced Community Energy (ACE) program concept is multidimensional with facets of statewide policy, deployable technology, and a legislative campaign. It is a statewide program intended to achieve California’s environmental and energy goals equitably and cost effectively.

Our presenters for this webinar include Greg Thomson, a key member of the ACE team with extensive experience in advancing distributed energy resource development. Greg will present an overview of the ACE Program. And for a Community Choice perspective, Joseph Wiedman, the Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs for Peninsula Clean Energy will join us.

Effective decarbonization to achieve California’s targets will require local strategies to address the factors that drive fossil energy use. Factors such as housing patterns that require lengthy daily commuting, a dearth of carbon-free mobility services, and inefficient buildings desperately in need of retrofits. And now resilience — the ability to sustain essential life services when serious disruptions occur — has become another urgent need that requires local measures.

Strategies to address these needs are within the traditional scope of city and county planning, yet there is no statewide structure to strengthen local government planning and coordinate it with energy system planning. Existing policy and pending legislation address some specific elements, but a comprehensive approach is needed to align all the elements to advance decarbonization and build resilience for all communities whether they have a Community Choice agency (CCA), or not.

Under the ACE program, the state would provide funding, technical guidance and other support for local governments to collaborate with electric service providers, distribution utilities, technology companies and diverse local stakeholders to plan and implement energy systems that serve local energy needs, advance state policy goals, and support a safe, reliable and efficient power grid.

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