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Local Power Providers Are Securing a Cleaner, More Prosperous Future for California

  A little-known revolution is sweeping California’s energy market, helping the state exceed its ambitious goals for renewable energy and investing profits back into the communities they serve. Community Choice Energy or Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), enabled by state law in 2002, allows local communities to establish a power agency governed by local elected officials […]

Center Releases Report on Community Choice and the Economic Impact of Buying Local Renewable Power

The purpose of this report is to provide information to city and county leaders in the Central Valley to assist in evaluating CCE for their constituents. The report supports Community Choice entities in realizing the vision to be game-changing innovation platforms, and to take strategic steps today to become increasingly competitive in the dynamic energy market of the future. To accomplish this, CCEs must perform differently than Investor Owned Utilities.

The Business of Local Energy Symposium – A Smashing Success

Last Friday, May 5, about 400 people including elected officials and energy professionals gathered in Long Beach for the Center for Climate Protection’s third annual Business of Local Energy symposium. Deputy Director Barry Vesser was the symposium’s architect. Co-organizers were the Local Government Commission and the Local Government Sustainability and Energy Coalition. Attendees heard 56 […]