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Distributed solar saved California over $650 million from 2013-2015

One of the most important aspects of the solar power revolution is how it is making daytime electricity cheaper, and thus lowering wholesale electricity prices more broadly. This becomes evident when electricity utilities project no new thermal electricity as the ‘lowest cost option‘. More evidence of this are contracts being signed today at 2.3¢/kWh, for delivery […]

SDG&E counter proposal to public-energy alternative still incomplete as elected officials call for vote

City officials said at a public hearing Thursday that they are continuing to work with San Diego Gas & Electric to overhaul the utility’s proposal for getting San Diego to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035 — a target mandated by the city’s ambitious climate action plan. That frustrated some elected officials who are anxious […]

SB 237 Threatens Community Choice Energy

SB 237, authored by California State Senator Hertzberg (D-18), threatens to increase the use of fossil fuels in California by undercutting Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs. The bill would allow businesses to circumvent CCE providers and buy electricity directly from suppliers. These suppliers would be subject to the state’s required minimum on the renewable content of the […]

A regionalized energy grid creates a home for California’s wasted renewables

These days, California’s renewable energy records are regularly broken. During the summer solstice on June 21, California utility scale solar power set a generation record with solar producing equivalent to about 16 percent of all electricity consumed during the day. And earlier this year, on April 27, California set two renewable energy records for both instantaneous solar generation: about […]

San Jose Clean Energy and Fuse announce Fellowship

On May 16, 2017, the San José City Council voted unanimously to establish San José Clean Energy (SJCE), San José’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) Program, to offer individuals and businesses additional renewable-energy options at competitive rates. The program will make San José the largest jurisdiction in California to operate a Community Choice Energy Program, with […]

Super-Size Storage in Moss Landing

Pacific Gas and Electric has released plans to build four battery storage facilities in and around Moss Landing, Calif., including one that would be the largest in the world. Let’s start with that big one: The utility is working with Vistra Energy to build a 300-megawatt lithium-ion battery system that would be capable of operating for four hours before […]

How is Santa Cruz doing on climate action?

Ten years ago, the City of Santa Cruz initiated the first greenhouse gas reduction program on the Central Coast. The City Climate Action Plan outlined how city staff could partner with the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from city functions, local businesses and those that live here. Recently Tiffany Wise-West, the city sustainability coordinator […]