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PG&E bondholders and fire victims offer plan that would hit stockholders hard

PG&E Corp. bondholders and wildfire victims teamed up to offer a competing bankruptcy recovery plan for the California utility that would all but wipe out its stockholders. If a judge lets the coalition’s plan go forward, PG&E could lose control of the bankruptcy and its own reorganization plan, which envisions letting stockholders keep a significant […]

California’s wildfire threat could be an opportunity for clean-energy microgrids

To the untrained eye, the shipping containers clustered on the outskirts of Borrego Springs, Calif., don’t look like an innovative clean-energy technology that could help California cope with wildfires. But these containers, in the remote desert of eastern San Diego County, are packed with lithium-ion batteries — and they’re part of one of the world’s […]

Green power runs up against desert conservation in California

California lawmakers’ grand ambitions to fight climate change are running into a familiar obstacle: the parochial concerns of local governments and property owners. The latest battle over state needs vs. local control is being fought in San Bernardino County, where the Board of Supervisors voted last month to ban solar and wind farms across vast stretches of […]

After Los Angeles’ decision not to repower 3 gas plants, Glendale officials urged to follow suit at Grayson

On Feb. 12, one day after the city of Los Angeles abandoned its plan to rebuild three coastal power plants, environmentalist Dan Brotman urged Glendale city officials at the end of a five-hour council meeting to take heed. “We all understand this is going to be very challenging for Los Angeles, and no doubt there are risks, […]