CalCCA Action Alert: Executive Director Beth Vaughan to Testify at Legislative Hearings Focusing on PG&E Bankruptcy and California’s Energy Future

CalCCA Action Alert: Executive Director Beth Vaughan to Testify at Legislative Hearings Focusing on PG&E Bankruptcy and California’s Energy Future

CalCCA members and partners:

As the PG&E bankruptcy unfolds in the courts and in news headlines, CalCCA is proud to work together with partners like you to protect reliable and affordable service for ratepayers while accelerating progress toward the state’s climate goals.

Today, those efforts will take CalCCA Executive Director Beth Vaughan to the State Capitol, where she will testify in an important hearing of the Senate’s Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee. The hearing will begin shortly, at 9:30 a.m. 

Representing California’s 19 operational CCAs, customers, and the association’s affiliate members, Beth will discuss the implications of the PG&E bankruptcy on:

  • Billing and service agreements with PG&E
  • Wholesale supply purchases
  • Compliance with renewables portfolio standards and California’s larger energy goals
  • All ratepayers

On Wednesday, March 6, Beth will testify before the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee at an informational hearing titled, The Metamorphosis of the Energy Sector: Maintaining reliability and affordability on the road to decarbonization.

The hearings are part of a much bigger conversation about climate change and our evolving energy market. CalCCA welcomes the opportunity to work with you to share our common vision of California’s energy and climate future.

Here’s how you can be a part of the conversation:

  • Watch the hearing on Tuesday, March 5 beginning at 9:30 a.m.:  (View the full hearing agenda here)
  • Watch the hearing on Wednesday, March 6 at 1:30 p.m.:
  • Tune in for updates on Twitter. “Like” and “Retweet” to share our messages with your followers
  • Sign up here to stay connected with our timely action alerts and information updates on the PG&E bankruptcy and related news from the State Capitol
  • Forward this email to your organizations, listservs, and Google groups
Thank you for your ongoing support of CCA in California!

About CalCCA
Launched in 2016, the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) represents California’s community choice electricity providers before the state Legislature and at regulatory agencies, advocating for a level playing field and opposing policies that unfairly discriminate against CCAs and their customers. There are currently 19 operational CCA programs in California serving approximately 10 million customers.

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