CA Senate Hearing on CCAs and IOU Obstruction Videos

This is a video of the Senate Select Committee on Renewable Energy, chaired by former Senator Mark Leno. At this hearing in 2010, local governments were invited to testify about their experiences of attempting to evaluate Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for their communities. Original Community Choice law required that the utilities “cooperate fully” with local governments attempting to initiate a CCA. The experience of several local governments including the cities and counties collaborating on the San Joaquin Valley Power Authority (SJVPA) shared their stories of obstruction from the utility involved, in all three cases, the utility was PG&E. The obstruction included lobbying elected leaders, attending community meetings and speaking against CCA, and in general, spreading misinformation and disinformation about Community Choice Energy. Featured in the hearing is David Orth, former Executive Director of the Kings River Conservation District, the agency that led the effort to form the SJVPA. Due in large part to PG&E’s obstruction, the SJVPA never launched a program. Mr. Orth’s testimony begins at about the 4:38 mark.

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