Communities Should Embrace This Technology – Letter to the Editor

Regarding “More cities, counties choosing green energy sources” (Aug. 15): Thank you for the excellent article on Community Choice Energy (CCE).

Like Uber and Airbnb, CCE is a disruptive technology that challenges conventional establishments. Those technologies give people choices in transit and lodging.

Similarly, CCE gives people choices in electricity.

Just as consumers may still choose taxis and hotels, with CCE, they may still choose SDG&E. But with CCE, you also have options for renewable and cheaper energy.

CCEs are started by citizens for the benefit of their community. Their administration is through public meetings and their managers are as accessible as your council members.

CCEs are nonprofit, have no profit-seeking shareholders, and the money stays local. They typically invest their revenue in energy efficiency subsidies and renewable power generation: local jobs are created.

But CCE requires a local ordinance, so people should tell their elected officials how they can benefit from CCE.

James Wang


Communities Should Embrace This Technology, by James Wang, The San Diego Union Tribune, September 10, 2016.

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