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Fresno City Council Holds Its First Workshop on Community Choice Energy

The Fresno City Council held its first public workshop on Community Choice Energy on Thursday, February 14th. Councilmember Luis Chavez sponsored the presentation and welcomed the presentation team, stating that he brought it forward in order to evaluate the how it might benefit the city and see if it would work for Fresno. Information sessions […]

Solana Energy Alliance seeing higher revenues, lower expenses

Solana Beach city staff said Wednesday, Feb. 13 that the city is seeing favorable results in its community choice aggregation program. Financial results through December 2018 show the Solana Energy Alliance (SEA) program, which launched in June as an alternative to San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), has seen revenues 2.73 percent above projections and […]

Solar Bill of Rights introduced in California

Across the United States, home and business owners are increasingly demanding their right as citizens to generate their own electricity. And it should not be surprising that this movement is the most advanced in California, where PV system owners and the solar industry have come together to form a dedicated membership organization, the Solar Rights […]

River City Bank Opens Second Office in San Francisco Bay Area

River City Bank is expanding its presence in the Bay Area with the establishment of a new office in the Financial District of San Francisco. This new location provides commercial banking and project finance services, and houses the Bank’s Clean Energy Division focused on servicing Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) clients, expanding relationships with other players in […]

Pioneer California solar company Sun Light & Power installs 905-kW system for San Francisco International Airport

California’s pioneer solar company Sun Light & Power has successfully completed the installation of a 905-kWp solar array atop the new long-term parking garage at San Francisco International Airport. Sun Light & Power worked with SFO, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors and solar panel manufacturer REC for the system. The solar array is one of several […]

Powered Up: California moves to upgrade aging grid system to meet voracious demand for the juice

An unusual experiment began a few years ago in suburban Irvine, when rows of homes, inhabited by UC Irvine faculty and staff, afforded a high-tech peephole from which to observe how humans interact with electricity. The houses were outfitted with tools for use with the advanced electricity system glowing on California’s horizon, prepping residents for […]

San Diego region way off track to meet state mandates for limiting climate pollution from driving

San Diegans drive too much — and regional efforts are failing to get them out of their cars and on to buses, trolleys and other cleaner forms of commuting. That’s according to Hasan Ikhrata, the new high-profile executive director of the San Diego Association of Governments, who was hired away from a similar planning and transportation agency […]

California Regulators Get Serious About Building Decarbonization

California regulators are starting to fill a hole in the state’s climate policy. For decades, California has led the world in efforts to reduce the energy consumption of appliances and buildings. But in recent years, California policymakers have started to favor a new guiding metric: carbon. In January 2018, then-Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order calling for […]

Net-zero energy homes have arrived — and are shaking up the US housing market

In 2013 De Young Properties built a single-family house in central California that defied nearly three generations worth of homes the family business had constructed. It was a net-zero energy building — it had the potential to produce as much energy as it would consume in a year. De Young didn’t build another one for […]

California Leads In Net-Zero Homes As Costs Drop

Half a dozen California cities are hosting enough net-zero homes to place the state in first place nationally among other states like Arizona where the net-zero trend is catching on rapidly, both among legislators and among leading homebuilders. This trend is expected to accelerate markedly over the coming decade, as the cost of adding net-zero […]