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PG&E Causes Controversy with New Pricing Announcement

After soaring monthly bills from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. this winter prompted a public outcry, California utility regulators said Thursday that they will consider tweaking natural gas rates to ease the pain. The California Public Utilities Commission, which sets rates for the state’s three big utilities, said it will consider ways to prevent future […]

CPUC Concerned About Marijuana Legalization’s Impact On Power Grid

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — When California ramps up legal production of recreational marijuana, will the state’s energy grid be able to meet demand? That was the focus of a special meeting in San Francisco between marijuana farmers, utilities and state regulators. CPUC President Michael Picker warned the grid doesn’t have the capacity to generate 1 […]

Integrate Western Power Grid to Reduce Emissions, Energy Costs

California has built up an excess of electricity-generation capacity in the years following the crisis of 2000-01, the Los Angeles Times recently reported. Some have sought to justify this as insurance against more shortages and blackouts. A far more cost-effective solution would be to fix inefficiencies of our fragmented western electric grid. This also could put […]

PG&E Says Cannabis Growers Are Now Eligible for Agricultural Rates

The start of the month marks the first time that cannabis growers in the state can receive agricultural energy rates from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.  FM89’s Ezra David Romero explains. Even though recreational marijuana can’t be sold in California until 2018 PG&E is now allowing current farmers growing cannabis for medical purposes and future recreational […]

SamTrans, Caltrain to Use 100 Percent Renewable Electricity from Community Choice Energy Programs

The Boards of Directors for SamTrans and Caltrain have voted to expand their use of renewable electricity service options for their respective agencies. By working with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) in San Mateo County, both SamTrans and Caltrain will meet their power needs in San Mateo County through 100 percent renewable sources such as solar, […]

Puente Plant Not Needed

We appreciate Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson standing with the city against a new gas-fired Puente power plant. Her comment to the California Energy Commission states, “I believe CEC should focus their effort on developing storage solutions and assisting the state in moving away from natural gas facilities.” Ojai’s SimpliPhi seeks, in fact, to double its production of the […]

Editorial, March 1, 2017: Time to Move Forward with Monterey Bay Community Power

Electricity rates are going up again for PG&E customers. The higher electricity costs, which take effect today, mark the second time in two months power bills have spiked for PG&E customers. A typical residential bill will go up nearly $12 a month to $110.77, due to the new rates and changes in billing tiers. Gas […]

State Bill Introduced to Study Desalination Plant at Diablo Canyon

Could there be a future for the Diablo Canyon Power Plant’s desalination facility after all? With no current plans for the desal plant once it closes in about nine years, California 35th District Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham has introduced new legislation in the hopes of changing that. “To me, it’s just like recycling. We need a drought-proof […]

AES Seeking Approval for New Gas Plant

AES has submitted plans for a new, 1,040-MW gas-fired, combined-cycle plant to California regulators. California Energy Commission members Karen Douglas and Janea Scott are recommending the full five-member panel grant approval for the proposed Alamitos Energy Center as there are no significant environmental impacts foreseen, the Press-Telegram reported. If approved, the Alamitos Energy Center would be built […]

Lancaster, California, Aims for Net-Zero Energy

Are net-zero energy cities the future of sustainability? What would it mean if every newly constructed California home was energy independent? In 2014, the City of Lancaster, California was the first city to require solar panels on new homes. In doing so, it pioneered a policy that has since been adopted by several other California […]