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Interested In Energy Provider Alternative To PG&E, Concord?

CONCORD, CA – The City of Concord is exploring the possibility of participating in a program with other Contra Costa County cities and the county that would provide residents with an alternative to PG&E as the provider of electricity to their homes or businesses. Community Choice Energy is a local, not-for-profit governmental program that buys and […]

Local Governments Move to Break PG&E Monopoly

Just a few months ago things looked shaky, with both the city of Salinas and Monterey County contemplating bowing out of a plan to break Pacific Gas & Electric’s local monopoly. The plan was to do it with clean energy. But now, 19 local governments have announced their intention of joining Monterey Bay Community Power to create […]

Nineteen Local Governments Signal Interest to Join Monterey Bay Community Power

Following approximately 100 community meetings and presentations, as well as in-depth discussions with elected officials and staff, 19 local governments have taken formal actions signaling their interest to join Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), a regional project among local government agencies to provide electricity to residents and businesses throughout Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz […]

Local Green Energy Authority Quietly Launches in Alameda County

The Oakland City Council voted last Tuesday to become part of a regional green energy authority, joining twelve other cities in Alameda County. Together the cities represent 90 percent of the county’s total electrical load. “Without sounding trite, the future is bright for the power authority,” said Victor Uno of the International Brotherhood of Electrical […]

Community Choice Aggregation – San Diego County

County of San Diego Board of Supervisors are expected to vote in January on whether to conduct a feasibility study on regards to following the recent decision by cities in Northern California, to implement ‘community choice aggregation’. Nicole Capretz, the director of the nonprofit Climate Action Campaign, is lobbying cities to move forward on community […]

Community Choice Energy Creates Buzz

In California, state law allows local governments to set up their own not-for-profit electricity providers to give customers choice in who provides their electricity. Legislators called the concept ‘Community Choice Aggregation,’ but it’s popularly known as Community Choice Energy (CCE). The draw is that it enables local control over rates and more clean energy in […]

‘Clean Energy’ Now Powers Napa County

An estimated 92 percent of Napa County homes and businesses are now using a majority of “clean energy” to power their homes, offices and wineries. Napa County selected Marin Clean Energy as its default supplier in 2014 for those living and working outside its five cities. In September MCE became the default provider for local […]

King City Moves Forward with Monterey Bay Community Power

The City Council of King voted 4-1 to adopt a resolution of intent to participate in drafting a Joint Powers Authority agreement with Monterey Bay Community Power for cleaner energy solutions. “For the past couple of years the city has been participating in a joint study funded by a grant with other jurisdictions in Monterey, […]

Livermore Council Votes to Take Part in Energy Program

The Livermore City Council voted to participate in the Alameda County Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) energy program. CCA enables local jurisdictions to procure electricity on behalf of customers within its borders. Goals of the program are to promote renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide energy at a lower rate. PG&E will continue to […]

North County Cities Exploring Program to Sidestep SDG&E to Buy Energy

Solana Beach’s vote this month to begin negotiations to set up Community Choice Aggregation is one of several steps North County cities are making toward the alternative energy program. The Solana Beach City Council voted 4-1 to have the city manager work with two energy consulting companies. If they reach an agreement on providing Community Choice Aggregation services to […]