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We need justice in fighting climate change

Last month, amid a flurry of confusion about California’s climate policy, we passed two bills – Senate Bill 32 and Assembly Bill 197 – out of committee. Together, the bills represent a refreshing partnership that underscores a guiding principle: that as the state works to follow mandates required by science, it also must abide the […]

Open enrollment begins for clean energy program

Starting now, all residents of San Mateo County can voluntarily opt-in for service with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) to join the 20 percent of residents, randomly selected from different zip codes in the county. This initial 20 percent, and those who decide to switch early will be joined by the rest of the county in April, 2017 […]

Clean energy notices sent out

Notices are being sent out to a portion of the 297,000 potential, new Peninsula Clean Energy customers. These notices will inform the current PG&E customers of the benefits of the changes coming to their electricity service, and an option for them to opt-out of the new service if they choose. “The initial enrollment of local […]

Solana Beach looks for energy provider

Solana Beach, California has requested proposals for a Community Choice Energy program to serve its 7,800 electric customers. The city is searching for a company that will develop, finance, and implement a 100% clean energy program. “The city released a technical analysis of the idea in April, completed at no cost by the company California […]

A Hot Issue: Fresno’s Getting Warmer …But We Could Change That.

July marks the first full month of summer. Here in Fresno, the seventh month of the year is the peak of the area’s grueling high temperatures during the season. This summer presented Fresno’s unyielding heat waves slightly earlier than normal, and will continue on until early fall. Just a few days after the summer started, […]

Community Choice: A shift toward decentralized, localized, sustainable economies

There’s a stealth revolution underway in California, and its transformative potential is greater than even many of its own proponents appreciate. The Community Choice energy movement has quietly swept into power, forming locally-controlled, not-for-profit electricity service agencies in San Francisco and three other jurisdictions. Dozens more Community Choice programs are in the pipeline and, within […]

Close to Home: Sonoma Clean Power’s invitation to Mendocino County

Sonoma Clean Power invites Mendocino County and its incorporated cities of Fort Bragg, Point Arena, and Willits to its program. “Sonoma Clean Power is not the only option being considered by Mendocino County. The Board of Supervisors is looking at possibly forming its own joint power authority and its own Sonoma Clean Power-like agency. A […]

La Mesa hikes effort on local climate plan

As La Mesa, California considers elements for their forthcoming Climate Action Plan, Community Choice Aggregation is seen as a “key strategy” for climate protection and lowering fossil fuel emissions. “The city’s website notes that measures being considered include spelling out requirements for energy use reduction, clean vehicle replacement programs and specifying green building standards for […]

Lancaster Choice Energy’s Smart Choice Option Certified by Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e Energy Program

Lancaster Choice Energy’s Smart Choice Option Certified by Center for Resource Solutions’ Green-e Energy Program SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 21, 2016)—Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced today that Lancaster Choice Energy (LCE)’s Smart Choice renewable power option is now certified by  Green-e Energy—North America’s leading independent certification program for renewable energy. LCE’s Smart Choice program, […]

Interview – Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor, and Chair, Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), San Mateo County’s Community Choice Energy program, is slated to launch in October of this year. Assuming that it meets this schedule, PCE will have gone from inception to serving customers in less than two years, faster than California’s existing four operational CCEs. In addition to its speedy launch, PCE has […]