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Monterey Bay will be the largest CCE, geographically, in California

by Daniel Paul Nelson, Romero Institute On May 27th, the Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) initiative presented results from its recently completed technical study to elected officials and members of the public at the Monterey County Board of Chambers. MBCP initiative comprises two bodies investigating and promoting the possibility of Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Monterey, […]

Study: Monterey Bay Community Power feasible, solar development may take time

Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) is starting to gain momentum and could launch by October of this year. “A committee of 14 representatives from the three counties produced a feasibility study concluding a joint powers agency could serve 285,000 customers — 86 percent residential, 12 percent commercial, 2 percent ag — at a cost comparable […]

A Billion Watts for the South Coast

Santa Barbara will hit one gigawatts of installed solar infrastructure within the next few months. The question now is how can they get more renewable energy on the grid? Santa Barbara County Energy Choice (CEC) is trying to set up a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program that will focus on locally produced, renewable energy. “We are now […]

Monterey County may not be able to afford joining regional power agency

“According to a report to the Alternative Energy and Environment Committee on Thursday, the county may have difficulty finding the projected $2.25 million in startup costs in the 2016-17 budget to join the Monterey Bay Community Power Project.” Monterey County may not be able to afford joining regional power agency, by Jim Johnson, Monterey Herald, April 28, […]

Community Choice Aggregation 

One of the most prominent benefits of CCAs is that it offers communities with local control over energy decisions; choosing who provides their communities energy and what will be used to provide it. CCA offers energy independence, price stability and more efficient Energy Efficiency programs.

City of SLO to look into buying power from renewable sources

“San Luis Obispo leaders this week indicated interest in exploring a program that allows communities to purchase alternative power supplies for their customers rather than the local utility’s mix of energy sources.” City of SLO to look into buying power from renewable sources, By Cynthia Lambert, The Tribune, April 1, 2015.

Edison Plans $11 Million Santa Barbara Power Infrastructure Overhaul

“Southern California Edison plans to replace transformers, switches and cables all over downtown Santa Barbara as part of an $11 million project to reduce the number of power failures throughout the city.” “Santa Barbara Councilman Gregg Hart urged Edison to make sure that any infrastructure changes include planning for the future, and the potential for Community Energy Choice, which would […]