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Orange Line Secures Funding for Electric Buses

The U.S. Department of Transportation has provided a $4.3 million grant to bring electric buses to the Orange Line busway in the San Fernando Valley. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will contribute $5.8 million in matching funds for the purchase of five 60-foot New Flyer Xcelsior XE40 electric buses and eight charging stations. […]

Tesla Debuts Sleek Glass Solar Rooftop Tiles

Tesla has taken a major step towards delivering on its vision of providing integrated solar, energy storage and electric vehicle technologies with the unveiling Monday of its new solar glass roof tile and Powerwall energy storage system. At an event on the lot for the TV show “Desperate Housewives” at Universal Studio in Los Angeles, […]

Jay Leno Shows Us Why La’s Electric Buses Are Something to Marvel At

One rare treat for Los Angeles drivers stuck in traffic is the elusive Jay Leno car sighting. Like an Angelyne in blue jeans, Jay can be spotted from miles away, usually he’s behind the wheel of a goofy looking car built before World War I. But Leno isn’t only interested in 20th century gas guzzlers. […]

City of Torrance First to Join New Advisory Committee

Just after midnight last night the Torrance City Council reviewed and voted on a motion to officially join the South Bay Clean Power (SBCP) Advisory Committee. The Ad Hoc SBCP Working Group is now evolving into an Advisory Committee with elected representatives and staff from each city who together with other key stakeholders will review […]

SCE Green Rate Program Not so Renewable Green but Plenty More Green in Rates

We’re flattered that Southern California Edison is now trying to appeal to potential Community Choice Aggregation customers by offering new “Green Rate” options of 50% and 100% renewable energy. We only wish it was a more serious and legitimate attempt to build out the distributed energy resources we so desperately need. Unfortunately, it’s a very […]

Conservative Desert Town on the Cusp of Emerging Solar Trend

Kathy Reinhart bought a new home in north Los Angeles County last year, picking it for its single-story design, new construction upgrades, and extra bedrooms for visiting children and grandchildren. She also liked the shiny solar panels on the tiled roof of the beige and brown house. Solar wasn’t the home’s top draw in the […]

L.A.’s Quest to Cut Fossil Fuels

Los Angeles has suffered the worst ozone pollution of any American city for three years running. Coastal areas of the city could be swallowed by the Pacific by the end of the century as a warming climate causes sea levels to rise. A natural gas leak in northwestern Los Angeles, finally plugged in February, was the most […]

South Bay Clean Power Makes Its Case to Cities

Innovative Distributed Energy Resource Model Presented This was the week that was for Community Choice Aggregation programs state wide and it all began on the first day of the week right here in Los Angeles County, in the City of Manhattan Beach. Elected representatives and staff members from 12 of the South Bay and West […]


We had a very good day at yesterday’s Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting with a little help from our friends: Here’s Steve Wicke of Sierra Club Angeles Chapter’s comments in support of next steps CCA motion, 100% renewables and South Bay Clean Power: Walker Foley of Food & Water Watch provided his organizations’ perspective and […]

One Step Closer to Community Choice Green Energy

Angelenos will soon have more options concerning the sources for the energy they use to power their homes and businesses. The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to work with cities to bring Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to Los Angeles County residents. CCA allows cities and counties to form non-profit entities to purchase electricity from wholesale […]