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Don’t Mess With Cali: Floating Offshore Wind Farm Shapes Up As Trump Clamps Down

Talk about your mega showdowns! The US state of California is determined to push forward into the low carbon economy of the future, and President* Trump is just as determined to pull it back. As if the legal drama doesn’t already register 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, into the fray steps something […]

RCEA: 100% Clean and Renewable Electricity by 2025

EUREKA, CA: The Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s (RCEA) Board of Directors approved two proposals at their March 28 meeting to advance the goals of Humboldt County’s Community Choice Energy program. The first was a resolution targeting a 100% clean and renewable electricity mix for RCEA’s community choice energy program by 2025. The City of Eureka, the […]

No fossil fuels, no nuclear

Redwood Coast Energy Authority is continuing its plan to make Humboldt County powered by 100 percent renewable energy by 2025. The board members of RCEA voted in favor to eliminate all fossil fuels and nuclear power 20 years before the state of California’s requirement for 2045. “We are so excited you consider this resolution,” Wendy […]

Taking a spin on an electric tractor…

With a view of the future? This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the ranch of Steve Heckeroth, architect, legendary clean energy pioneer, inventor, former contributing editor for Mother Earth News, and in this instance, creator of the Solectrac electric drive tractor. Steve’s ranch, and e-tractor manufacturing operation, is located along the Mendocino […]

U.S. states set gigawatt goals for offshore wind

Offshore wind turbines rely on ever longer composite blades — Siemens Gamesa’s 10+ MW turbine blades stretch to 94 meters and GE’s Heliade-X span 107 meters — to generate clean, renewable energy. Three different states recently announced their progress toward gigawatt grids to help combat climate change and fossil fuel jobs loss. California With deep waters and some of […]

ARPA-E Commits $28 Million to Develop Advanced Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

The U.S. Department of Energy’s innovation arm wants to disrupt floating offshore wind turbine technology. On February 1, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced it was making available $28 million in funding for research projects to develop new technologies for floating offshore wind turbines. The funding opportunity falls under a new ARPA-E program called ATLANTIS (Aerodynamic Turbines, Lighter […]

US Aims To Disrupt Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Field

The US has been long sitting on a 13,000-mile coastline worth trillions (yes, trillions) of BTU in offshore wind energy, all of it accessible and ripe for the plucking. And yet, the country has only 5 commercial offshore turbines in operation. Somewhat ironically, the tide finally began to turn during the Trump administration. More and […]

PG&E tells local officials bankruptcy filing won’t affect energy rates

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp., the country’s largest utility, announced Monday it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy — a move that creates uncertainty as to whether Humboldt County energy ratepayers will be affected. PG&E currently faces $30 billion in potential damages from litigation over a series of wildfires in California during 2017 and 2018. Many […]

Arcata adopts new energy efficiency standards

The city of Arcata has adopted a new energy ordinance that will require residential buildings to be more efficient than the current minimum state standards dictate. Known as a “reach code,” the ordinance is a small part of Arcata’s local Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan. “We’re looking for every opportunity to reduce greenhouse gases,” Emily Benvie, Environmental Programs […]

Redwood Coast Energy Authority is Hiring

Redwood Coast Energy Authority is looking to hire a manager of human resources and workforce development. This role will be focused on managing internal human resources functions as well as developing and administering workforce development programs that advance RCEA’s mission. Please click on the below links to view the application instructions and the full job description. […]