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Community Choice Energy Program Comes to Humboldt County

People who live in Humboldt County now have a choice when it comes to their electricity supplier. Roger Engel is the director of power resources for the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), a non-profit with a board made up of government officials from cities in Humboldt as well as the county board of supervisors. “This year […]

Program Gives Users Option to Go Fully Renewable

Customers enrolled in Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s community choice energy program can “opt up” so that all the electricity coming into their home or business comes from 100 percent renewable sources. “It’s a great, attainable way to fight climate change by reducing your carbon footprint,” Eureka City Councilman Austin Allison, who opted into the program […]

Ferndale Joins RCEA’s Community Choice Energy Program (audio)

The Board of Supervisors voted to include unincorporated areas of Humboldt County into Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s Community Choice Energy program earlier this year. In May, Ferndale City Council voted to join as well. Now the entire county is eligible to participate in the community choice energy program. Sydney Morrone reports…

Solar-Storage Microgrid Powering up Native American Reservation in California

A new solar-storage combination microgrid is now up and running to power government offices, businesses and American Red Cross shelter sites throughout a Native America reservation in northern California, partners in the project announced Thursday. Blue Lake Rancheria launched its low-carbon community microgrid. The plant combines a 500-kW solar photovoltaic system built by REC Solar […]

Ferndale Joins CCA

The final Humboldt County holdout in the Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s community choice energy voted to join the program. The Ferndale City Council voted 4-1 to get on board with Mayor Don Hindley dissenting. Ferndale was the only city not already on board with RCEA’s plan to supply Humboldt County with more local electricity at […]

Sonoma Clean Power Play

What if the revolution came, and we missed it because we tossed out the announcement? Seems like that’s what happened last month, when PG&E customers in Mendocino County got word that the utility no longer has a monopoly on selling us electricity. Most people I talked to don’t remember getting the letter, didn’t read it, […]

Mendocino County Residents Getting New Electric Provider

Some Mendocino County residents may be wondering about coming changes to their electric bills. Sonoma Clean Power, which became the county’s main electric supplier last August, has mailed its first round of notices explaining its service that residents will automatically be enrolled in on June 1. Starting in June, all homes and businesses (except those […]

Community Choice Energy Great Idea for Humboldt County

You’ve probably received a couple of mailers by now about the Community Choice Energy program that Redwood Coast Energy Authority is launching in Humboldt County in May. Likely you’ve also seen the ads describing the program in our local media. I’m part of the Community Advisory Committee providing input on the development of this program, […]

Community Choice Energy Coming in May

Community Choice energy is rolling out in Humboldt County next month, bringing customers cleaner electricity at a lower price. Redwood Coast Energy Authority recently sent out notices to PG&E customers letting them know that in May their services will switch over to Community Choice. Monthly bills will still come from PG&E, but the program will […]

More Choice with Energy Program

In response to Loretta Wilson’s letter in your March 29 edition, our Community Choice Energy program increases rather than decreases choice for Humboldt County’s electric customers. In most of California, electricity is provided by privately owned utilities such as PG&E. Some communities, such as Sacramento, Ukiah, and Redding, operate their own municipal electric utilities. In […]