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Community Choice Energy Survey

Community Choice Energy Survey We Need Your Feedback! We need your feedback on a proposal called Community Choice Energy (also known as Community Choice Aggregation). Community Choice Energy provides residents the option of purchasing locally generated power at competitive rates from local sources such as biomass power plants using wood waste as fuel. This could […]

Why Biomass Plants Can’t Turn Pot into Energy

Every year law enforcement seizes around 100,000 marijuana plants on average in Humboldt County and that plant matter could be turned into energy if it were feasible and efficient but right now it’s not. Redwood Community Energy, the local community choice aggregation program ran by Redwood Coast Energy Authority, is set to roll out in […]

Local Energy Program Advances

HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s creation of a local power purchasing program has reached a key benchmark with the approval of a technical study and guidelines for implementation. The Redwood Coast Energy Authority, a joint powers agency made up of county and city governments, is the lead agency and made the approvals at its Sept. 19 […]

Rio Dell City Council to Talk Renovation, Lodging Alliance, Energy Plan

Tonight, October 4th, the Rio Dell City Council is set to meet to discuss renovation, lodging alliance, and an update on the Redwood Community Energy plan. “In 2015 the council tabled the decision to join Redwood Community Energy, Humboldt’s version of community choice aggregation, which could put local dollars into local energy projects, create jobs […]

Energy Plan

The Redwood Community Energy plan is Humboldt County’s version of community choice aggregation, which would give local consumers more say in what energy sources power their home, Redwood Coast Energy Authority senior energy specialist Richard Engel said. “This is a new program that will allow people to buy their electricity from a local government program,” […]

Wanted: Your Opinion on Where We Get Energy

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority board met Monday night to educate members of the public from Humboldt County on their plans to bring Community Choice Energy (CCE) to the county. The CCE would be an alternative to PG&E, and plans to offer residents of Humboldt county cleaner energy, maximize local renewable sources, offer competitive rates, […]

McKinleyville airport eyed for giant solar farm

“A giant solar array that could produce enough electricity to power roughly 1,000 households may be installed at the California Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport in McKinleyville.” This energy will not only help offset the airport’s energy cost, but excess energy will be sold to local Community Choice Aggregation programs. McKinleyville Airport Eyed for Giant […]